Automatic Payment/Writeoff Notes

I’ve written some code and added it to Koha that will automatically leave a note when someone accepts payment for a fee in Koha or writes off a fee in Koha.  This is a first step to being able to write reports that can identify who is processing fee payments and where they are processing them at.

Please see the attached instruction sheet for more information.



On-Demand Overdue Notice

Koha 3.22 added a new feature that I’ll be turning on tonight – an on-demand overdue notice.

It’s currently a default notice but it can be configured individually for each library.  Please see the attached instructions for more information.


NEKLS Tablet Grant

Are you a NExpress library? Would you like a brand-new Android tablet for use for staff and patron training on e-content (like Hoopla and Flipster)? If the answer to any of those questions is “yes”, head on over to and find out what you need to do to get your free tablet from NEKLS!

Additional tablets can be ordered at this time, but you will be charged around $130 for each additional one you need. You also agree to do some basic things (marketing, reporting on stats over the course of 6 months, etc.) in return for this tablet, but you also get some training with it, so we feel it’s a net win for you! Contact Robin at if you have any questions!