Firefox Screenshots in Koha

Firefox has, by default, enabled a new feature called Firefox Screenshots. If you have the most recent version of Firefox on your computer, you will notice this in two places.

First on the Firefox toolbar:

Second on the context menu that comes up when you right click:

The problem with Firefox screenshots is that it gives you a very easy option to save the screenshot to an unsecured location in the cloud. After you click to take a screenshot, a button appears under the area you select for the screenshot that looks like this:

The potential problem here is that this tool makes it very easy for us to save potentially confidential information to the cloud without giving staff any real warning that the location the information is being saved to is not secure. Once the screenshot has been saved to the cloud, it could very easily be found by someone who should not be allowed to find it.

In order to prevent the potential breach of patron privacy, I have added some script to Koha that will, for all intents and purposes, disable Firefox Screenshots for NExpress.

A side effect of this script, however, is a pop-up message that may appear in the lower right hand corner of the screen if you try to use Firefox Screenshots.

Click Here to download a copy of these instructions as a PDF.

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