Finding information about “Lost (overdue more than 45 days)” items for patrons

One of the side effects of declaring everything that has been overdue for more than 45 days “Lost (overdue more than 45 days)” is that it’s harder to tell a patron the circumstances surrounding the lost item because it no longer displays in their list of checked out items.

The attached handout explains where you can find out information about long overdue items on the patron’s record once the item has been removed from their list of checked out items.

Finding Lost Item Information Handout

On-Demand Overdue Notice

Koha 3.22 added a new feature that I’ll be turning on tonight – an on-demand overdue notice.

It’s currently a default notice but it can be configured individually for each library.  Please see the attached instructions for more information.


Leavenworth Training

This is a training post for a staff inservice at the Leavenworth Public Library from December 2014, but the training materials should work for any NExpress library — and potentially any Koha library. (Agenda link)

Welcome to NExpress

Welcome, Introduction and ‘What is NExpress?’

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