What’s coming in 3.22?

Here’s some highlighted new features and a few bug fixes of interest for NExpress librarians for what’s coming when we upgrade from Koha 3.18.12 to 3.22.x in late February. This is not a complete list by any means. Full release notes for what’s in the upgrade can be found under the 3.20 release and 3.22 release categories on the Koha website.

Purchase suggestions (Acquisitions)

  • Hiding item types from purchase suggestions form #9468
  • Purchase suggestions permission access change (need to investigate this one) #13584

Cataloging, MARC, and Items-Related Changes

  • Duplicate existing items #7369
  • Clear search terms button on z39.50 search page #7741
  • Merge several bib records at once #8064
  • Non public notes (items) can be reported on #13023
  • Call number browser plugin #13364
  • Cataloging search header adds checkin & standard Koha search tabs #13885
  • Add ability to merge records directly from cataloging search #13886
  • Customize visible columns on items editor #14510
  • Attach files to bib records #6874
  • Professional cataloging interface now available #11559
  • Return of highlighting item being edited to add items page #14276
  • Actions menu added to add items page (can’t find bug # right now)


  • Failed checkins won’t appear on checkins table #14821
  • Nonpublic note will appear again on checkins #13024
  • Circulation screen now shows expiration date of holds #13030
  • Location column added to checkout table #13492
  • Pay all fees button added to checkout screen #14900
  • Batch checkout #11759
  • Redirect to expired holds tab after canceling hold from holds awaiting pickup report #13838
  • Circulation table sorting of titles ignores articles again (A, An, The, etc.) #13069


  • Add pickup location to holds tab on patron’s checkout page #9528
  • Item specific table on holds page allow searching #13887
  • Manually cancel expired waiting hold from returns screen <– more info to come #14464
  • Holds count added to Holds tab on records #14557
  • Staff warned when placing holds for patrons who owe more than $10.00 #14882
  • Staff warned when placing holds for patrons who are restricted #14883


  • Patron card sheets are working again (affects only the schools) #14739
  • The label creator interface has been overhauled (by an old friend to NEKLS — Liz Rea!) #14667
  • Simultaneous Label batch creation collision issues look to be resolved now #12911


  • Focus on Add item box #11325
  • Staff can now (with set permission) remove public lists #13417
  • Search & filter added to lists on staff side #13419
  • List printing should work better now #11574, #13986


  • Gather print notices as CSV instead of HTML (will be investigating; could make mail merge easier) #11603
  • Gather print notices & send files by email (will be investigating) #11678
  • Print overdue slip from staff interface #12933


  • Long-standing Back button issue now fixed (where patron could be logged back in if browser not closed) #5371
  • Hiding item types from search form & grouping item types into one search option #10937
  • Duplicate holds fix (when patrons click back button) #5144
  • Sort by added to tags results #6950
  • Library info will display when hovering over items on record pages #12428
  • Show patron expiration date in OPAC #14002

Patrons & Fines

  • Patrons ordered in search results by name again, not cardnumber #15109
  • Searching by username available again #14782
  • Add validation of email address ability #5685
  • Send membership expiry reminder notice #6810
  • Patron modification request improvements #10904, #12352, #13349
  • Show waiting holds expiration date #13853
  • Patron lists are more accessible (will be investigating this feature more) #11941
  • Circ history permission (need to investigate this one more) #13582
  • Fines calculated upon return (need to investigate this one more) #10119
  • Patron search box changes #13235
  • Fines payment oddity fix #14498
  • New Patron menu change #13458


  • Cache expiration bug fixed (allows us to hopefully start using public reports in limited fashion) #14735
  • Use keyword search to search by report number #10706
  • Back button on Error message result for reports #13994
  • Downloaded reports will now include report name in file name #14013
  • Reports added to action logs #14024
  • Clear reports filter button #14029

Searching & Search Results

  • Items that are not for loan item types will show as not available, instead of available #3333
  • Search results & items available in search results column #13636
  • Search by publisher works again #14198
  • Parenthesis in subject links don’t break searches anymore #13650
  • Accession date comparison in advanced search works again #14861

Staff client changes

  • Cron jobs added to logs #13889
  • Text carries across search boxes #14189
  • Custom sound notifications (Need to investigate this one further before setup) #11431

System Administration

  • Circulation rules additions (will revisit this one after the upgrade happens) — multiple bugs here
  • Can add item type groups & hide item types from the OPAC advanced search #10937
  • Can hide columns in certain parts of the system (can’t locate original bug right now that added feature)


  • Holds queue now shows branch name instead of branch code #13750
  • When items are returned branch name and item type name will now display #15216
  • Patron detail filter search changes #7380
  • Messaging preference table sorted properly again #14621
  • Transfers to receive report changes #14356
  • Icon changes on patron side #13696
  • Change increases size of search box (need to investigate further) #14190
  • Icon changes on staff side #14915


  • Userid becomes matchpoint for “import patrons” tool #12543
  • Batch modify records tool added #11395

NExpress Users Meeting – Feb 2015

Laura’s announcements- Jazz in the Park Feb 21; Evernote, summer reading, directors institute.
Deadlines- statistics Feb 11, accreditation and application. Remote attendees.
Dan- change in offices, check out the new arrangment.

Introductions- name & library.

1. System update- how is system doing? Basehor reported inconsistent problems. Indexing can cause this, reindexing. Need evidence to go to Bywater. Z39.50 search is slow. Can turn one target off to speed up.
We will get upgrade this spring, April or later. Will test.
Will take another go at upgrading our server. Feb 21

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January 30th NExpress Meeting Agenda, Notes, and Recording Information

Thank you to everyone who attended today’s NExpress meeting in person and remotely via Blackboard Collaborate. If you were unable to attend the meeting, or had technical issues with the online meeting space, the agenda, the notes, and the recording link are now available online. Information and instructions that were requested during the meeting will be shared out in the next few weeks.

We’ll see you all again on May 8, for the next meeting.