Reports Fest REVISITED

Reports Training – originally presented Monday, June 15 at NEKLS


  • Reports module overview
  • Statistical reports – the Wizards
  • Creating a new reportNEW Tutorial video
    • Pose the question
    • Determine where the data is stored
    • Determine what to show
    • Add limitations and filters
  • Editing a Saved Report

Other Helps:

NExpress Library Branch Codes:

  • BERN
  • BONNERSPGS  (note abbreviated spelling)
  • LEAVENWRTH (note abbreviated spelling)
  • NORTONVLLE  (note the abbreviated spelling)
  • VALLEYFALL  (note the missing “s”)
  • WILLIAMSBG  (note the abbreviated spelling)

Nicole’s presentation on MySQL from KohaCon:

Managing the Holds Shelf

Managing the Holds Shelf

How to:

Managing the Holds Shelf  (Managing Holds in NExpress (July 2011))


  • Using the Holds Awaiting Pickup Report, you can quickly see which holds have expired and need to be returned or moved on to the next hold.
  • Using the ‘Cancel Hold’ buttons provided, you can remove the item from the patron’s account and initiate a transit of the item back Home OR confirm and transfer the item to fill another hold.
  • PTFS Harley Note: This report does not yet limit to pick up library, as it did prior to the upgrade.  The report also has some issues, the biggest being that you are not prompted to print a transfer slip.
    Other existing issues:
    Bug 3288
    (Transit prompt not immediately triggered after hold is canceled) and
    Bug 3270
    (Canceling a hold request after transfer initiated orphans item)

Steps (with illustrations below):

  1. From Circulation, Open the “Holds Awaiting Pickup Report” (just under the Holds Pick List)
  2. By default, the report is in reverse date order – newest holds at the top.
  3. Click on the arrow buttons next to the “Available Since” heading to resort the report.
  4. Now the oldest holds are at the top of the report. Many will say “Hold Over” – these have been on the Holds shelf for at least 7 days.
  5. If the item and the patron who has the item on hold both belong to YOUR library, you will see the “Cancel Hold”button.
    • Clicking on Cancel Hold will remove the hold from the patron and check in the item.
    • You may double check this by checking in the item a 2nd time – it should say Available and Not checked out.
  6. If the item is from a different library, you will see the “Cancel hold and return to: LIBRARY” button.
    • Clicking on this button with remove the hold from the patron and initiate a Transit from your library back to the home library IF there is not another hold on the item.
    • To double check this, using the Search the Catalog box, type in “barcode: XXXX” The status should say “In transit from Bonner Springs to Linwood” for example.
  7. If the item is from a different library AND on hold for a different patron, you will still see the “Cancel hold and return to: LIBRARY” button.
    • However, when you click on this button, you will get a message saying, “Holds awaiting pickup for your library on: 08/21/09 Hold find for (The boyfriend) must be transferred – This hold placed by Patron at the library LIBRARY. Please transfer…” and SUBMIT QUERY
    • After you submit query, you will be returned to the Holds Awaiting Pickup Report
  8. To print a transfer slip, check in the item and Confirm, transfer and print slip (as normal)

Tag Cloud – the Sky’s the Limit

Tag Cloud – the Sky’s the Limit

From Susan Bryant, Morrill Public Library in Hiawatha:

The “tag” feature in the NExpress catalog is great way for librarians
and others to share and quickly retrieve resources for programs.  I
have tagged books in several Storytime themes, including a mouse
theme, fall, crocodiles, and more.  To view these, click on “Tag
Cloud” in the patron catalog.  I would like to encourage Storytime
leaders to tag and add their own items (favorite storytime books) to
these categories, and also to create new theme categories.  New tags
must be moderated in the Koha staff client — click “Tools” and “Tags”
– moderate patron tags.

What other ways can we use of tags to share?   Maybe by tagging
successful YA and adult book club titles.  Knitting club resources.
The sky’s the limit!