New Links on Koha home page

One of the things we skipped at the November 10 meeting was a quick demo of some new things added to the Koha home page – alternative holds report links and Shareit links.

As Robin and I have done some Shareit training, one thing we’ve found is that some libraries have trouble with the Shareit links because of the way Autographics has configured the links.  In order to make the links more secure, they’re difficult to bookmark, so I added a block on the left hand side of the Koha home page that includes a link to the individualized Shareit link for each NExpress library.

Also included is a link to report 2778 formatted for each library.  This link will give you the same pick-list data you normally get from the holds queue, but formatted in a way that it should take fewer pages to print out and the report also contains barcode numbers that can be scanned with a barcode scanner.

There is an issue with the scan-able links for some libraries, though.  If your barcode numbers include small letters or some special characters (!@#$%^&*()_+=-) the barcodes will not show on the screen or print correctly.  This is not because there is anything wrong with Koha or the report – it’s just that the software engine that generates the barcodes can’t process small letters or special characters.

Click on this link for more information:  New Links in Nexpress Home Page

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